Uc berkeley 2001 dissertations

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Uc berkeley 2001 dissertations

Travesti Memory and Politics: Toward a Peruvian Transgender Imaginary, argues that travestismo is a critical tool by which to read the unstable and contested production of gender, sexuality, and race in contemporary Latin America.

Travestismo is usually depicted as a sort of unidirectional gender migration from male to female embodiments. The fact that travestismo presupposes a particular gendered destination has been read by some scholars as a sign of its reactionary tendencies.

The desire for a sort of anachronistic femininity at the heart of travestismo seems troubling for some queer, trans, and feminist scholars. However, this tension reveals more about a desire of U. My dissertation contributes to several interdisciplinary fields.

In contemporary transgender studies, transfeminism is a framework that offers possibilities for thinking and linking the many forms of oppression and violence that cisgender women and transgender subjects share. In this sense, my dissertation is a transfeminist take on the name travestismo and its imaginary.

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Thanks to this transfeminist perspective, in my project travestismo is not a break with feminism, but an expansion of feminism to its limits. My dissertation also proposes that queer studies and theories have a lot to gain from an engagement with travestismo, but only if these fields allow themselves to be transformed by such an encounter.

Uc berkeley 2001 dissertations

My project contributes to the 2 much-needed effort of displacing the U. In the first chapter I question the romance of ethnography and travestismo, a fixation on travestismo as exclusively an object of ethnographic research, and discuss some of its implications.

I offer, through an engagement with postcolonial and queer psychoanalytic theories, an account of the losses that ethnography implies in the effort of imagining a different travesti trajectory.

Uc berkeley 2001 dissertations

This chapter reads the film next to the political trajectory of its leading actress. Here I focus on the collective pronoun nosotrxs and its power to repair some of the scars and wounds produced by racist and homo-transphobic national projects.

My dissertation takes Peru as a case study, because this nation offers a radical instance of the aliveness of colonial, racist, and sexist normative violence in the southern cone of Latin America.

Precisely for that reason, I trace assemblies of movements, memories, energies, bodies, trajectories, and images, which under the name travestismo are doing a lot of much needed critical political work in contemporary Peru.


Throughout my dissertation, travestismo works as name that cannot be easily digested nor accepted by neoliberal logics or dynamics. Travestis, unlike many gay men and lesbians, are not sanitized subjects that aspire to be docile consumers.

In my dissertation, I argue that travestismo is both a gendered and racialized category. My conclusion makes a case for thinking travestismo as a name that cultivates a bond with racialized indigenous subjectivities.

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That queer bond offers a promise for destabilizing the dangerous conjunction of racist, sexist and homo-transphobic normativities.

I mobilize travestismo as memory work that refuses to forget queer racialized bonds.About Graduate Programs in Near Eastern Studies. Graduate programs leading to the Ph.D. degree are offered in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian languages and literatures, Near Eastern Archaeology, Art History, Cuneiform, Hebrew Bible, Biblical and Judaic Studies, Egyptology, and Islamic Studies.

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Jefferson davis and abraham lincoln compare and contrast essays. This bibliography lists theses and dissertations on African American topics completed at the University of California, Berkeley. The earliest thesis, by Emmet Gerald Alexander, State Education of the Negro in the South, was completed in in the Department of Education, while the most recent date from the calendar year This post was originally published on the University of California Scholarly Communication Blog.

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