Movie soul food

Soul Food Soul Food is the kind of movie that seems to have been blessed throughout its low-budget production, and it's got a quality of warmth and charm that fits perfectly with its authentic drama about a large African-American family in Chicago.

Movie soul food

Plot[ edit ] Soul Food is told through the eyes of year-old Ahmad Hammondfollowing the trials of the Joseph family, a close-knit Chicago family that gets together to have Sunday dinner every week, with plenty of soul food to go around.

Mother Big Mama Joe Hall has three daughters, who each have had varying success in life: Life becomes complicated when Big Mama, the diabetic Movie soul food wise and caring matriarch of the family and the glue that holds it together, suffers a debilitating stroke during an operation to amputate her leg.

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She slips into a comadying shortly after sharing a last word of advice with Ahmad, Kenny and Maxine's oldest child and her oldest and favorite grandchild, when she awakens five weeks later. Without her guidance, the family begins to fall apart in the interim.

Teri takes in her troubled cousin Faith Raverawho bonds with Miles over a love of the arts. The two have an affair and are caught having sex by Teri, which later leads to a near-violent confrontation at Kenny and Maxine's 11th wedding anniversary party when she furiously comes after the two with a butcher knife.

Meanwhile, Lem cannot find a job due to his criminal record, so Bird makes an uneasy deal with her former boyfriend, Simuel St. James Mel Jacksonto get Lem a job. This creates tension between Lem and Bird when he finds out and in one of their arguments, Teri overhears and mistakenly believes Lem had physically threatened her sister, at which Teri hires her cousin Blimp to teach Lem a lesson.

However, when the two men get into a fight that ends with Lem pulling out a gun, the police become involved, resulting in Lem being arrested on assault and unlawful weapon possession charges. Realizing her mistake, Teri calls in a few favors to have Lem released and later apologizes to him.

By contrast, Kenny and Maxine's relationship remains stable and they have their third child at the start of the film. However, they constantly call on Teri to pay for things for the family without paying the money back, which causes even more tension between the two oldest sisters.

Throughout these events, Ahmad becomes worried about the state of his extended family and, following Big Mama's passing, conspires to find a way to bring them all back together by telling his relatives about a stash of money that Big Mama had hidden away some time ago, but everyone dismisses him, believing it to be a myth.

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However, Ahmad manages to get everyone together for another Sunday dinner by promising them the whereabouts of the money.

The dinner is uneasy as everyone starts to confront their issues and soon enough, thanks to Miles mentioning something about the money, they realize there is no money.

Maxine chastises her son for lying, but Ahmad says tearfully that it was the only way to get everyone back together again, citing it was Big Mama's dying wish. As Maxine comforts her son, the kitchen accidentally catches on fire due to Ahmad leaving a towel too close to the burner, and they all work together to try and to put it out.

Shortly after they put the fire out, Uncle Pete John M. Things start to get better for the family: Miles still comes by for Sunday dinner even though he and Teri are divorcingTeri has made peace with Maxine and decided not to sell her mother's house, Lem and Bird are expecting their first child, Faith is finally becoming part of the family again and Uncle Pete starts to join the family as well.Sunday dinner at Mothers Joe's (Irma P.

Hall) is a mouth watering, 40 year tradition. As seen through the eyes of her grandson Ahmad (Brandon Hammond), love and laughs are always on the menu, despite the usual rivalries simmering between his mom Maxine and her sisters Teri an bird. Matriarch Mama Joe has held her family together for 40 years around a Sunday dinner of soul food.

When diabetes hospitalizes her, the dinners stop and tensions among her three daughters start to . Soul food probably gets its name from the mids, back when the term "soul" was used to describe something distinctlty African-American. It all comes back to soul— soul music, soul man, soul.

Movie soul food

It is her spirit, her 'food'-both the fried chicken and the 'soul's food'-that binds the family together. Although the film is about the importance of families, especially for young children, Tillman isn't advocating the kinds of things you associate with 'family values.'.

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