Liz lochhead

Her mother and father had both served in the army during the Second World War, and later, her father was a local government clerk. In the family moved into a new council house in the mining village of Newarthillwhere her sister was born in

Liz lochhead

Full Biography Elizabeth Anne Lochhead was born in Motherwell, Lanarkshire on 26 December ; her parentsJohn Lochhead and Margaret Forrest, had both served in the army during the war and married in Her father was a local government clerk.

In the family moved into a new council house in the mining village of Newarthill, where her sister was born in She moved on to Dalziel High School in Motherwell, and by the time she was 15 had decided to go to art school, although teachers were encouraging her to study English at university.

In she won a Radio Scotland poetry competition, in she read with Norman MacCaig at a poetry festival in Edinburgh, and her first collection, Memo for Spring, was published in by Gordon Wright. She met Alasdair Gray, Jim Kelman and Tom Leonard in this period, and later in the decade Tom McGrath and Alan Spence; in this group of talented young Scottish writers, she stands out as a rare female presence and this has been enabling and inspiring for the generation that followed.

Lochhead earned her living at this time by teaching art in secondary schools in Bristol, Glasgow and Cumbernauld. In her second collection, Islands, was published and she wrote and performed in Sugar and Spite at the Traverse, Edinburgh.

The s was an immensely productive decade in both work for the theatre and poetry; Lochhead also married the architect Tom Logan inand they made their home in Glasgow. This was before her laureateships, which inevitably involve poems commissioned for something, but the distinction probably stands as her such poems often involve performance.

For 25 years, Lochhead has been the distinctive female voice of Scotland. Gallus, inquisitive, accusing and playful. Her voice is not always that of a woman, or always that of a Scot.

Liz lochhead

Following her friend Edwin Morgan, first as Poet Laureate of Glasgow and then as Scots Makar, she does not want to be confined by either her gender or her nationality. Nevertheless, the female voices that Lochhead has deployed in her monologues and many of her poems undoubtedly draw on a Scottish oral tradition that goes right back to the ballads, is subverted by the music-hall, and takes pleasure in a distinctive West of Scotland tradition of storytelling and humour.

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If the latter has been — on stage at least — a predominantly male preserve, she has been instrumental in making space for women. The radio as much as the theatre has been an impetus to creation for Lochhead, and it is her ability to speak with conversational intimacy within a public space that is one of the hallmarks of her work.

The sound of her own voice is immediately engaging.At Crombie Lockwood we are locally focused. Find your local Broker here. Liz Lochhead is a screenwriter and an actress. This channel was generated automatically by YouTube's video discovery system.

Selected and introduced by Anne Harvey. The poems in this pamphlet, introduced and selected by anthologist Anne Harvey, remind us of the love and esteem that aunts can inspire.

Primary Resources - free worksheets, lesson plans and teaching ideas for primary and elementary teachers. Jackie Kay was born and brought up in Scotland. She has published five collections of poetry for adults (The Adoption Papers won the Forward Prize, a Saltire Award and a Scottish Arts Council Book Award) and several for was awarded an MBE in In March , Kay was appointed the Makar or National Poet for Scotland for a five year term.

The new Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry winner on learning how to be a Scottish writer and why becoming the national poet saved her life Theatre Babel perform Liz Lochhead’s Thebans at the.

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