Factors affect service

Sometimes failure is due to the internal environment — the company's finances, personnel or equipment. Sometimes it's the environment surrounding the company.

Factors affect service

Open in a separate window Patient socio-demographic variables Socio-demographic factors influence the interaction between a provider and the patient and consequently the quality of services.

They [The patients] did not understand me. They talked in a different language. They did not even obey my [medical] orders. For instance, I asked a patient with pharyngitis not to eat sausage and pickled cucumber.

He agreed not to do so. I had a patient, a mother of eight children who was sick, and pregnancy was dangerous for her. Healthcare professionals must be aware of and understand the socio-demographic characteristics of their patients to provide high-quality services.

Some patients ask their doctors to prescribe medicines. They believe that they will not be healed unless they take medicines.

Patient persistence to Factors affect service a specific medicine influences physicians to do so to satisfy the patient: Some doctors believe that it is even useless to explain the treatment process to a patient demanding medicine: Patients have easy access to affordable medical services: Therefore, patients can easily switch from one provider to another one.

On the other hand, the high cost of running a medical clinic forces physicians to see more patients. The income from the first 18 patients goes to the expenses [break-even-point]. Sometimes the patient cannot afford the costs associated with his or her treatment and decides to cancel the treatment.

Quality of patient care depends directly on the quality of patient education and responsibility. More educated patients have more realistic expectations of the healthcare providers. Participants believe that patients who come to the private hospitals would expect more as they are paying more for the services.

If a patient behaves himself or herself, care-givers unintentionally provide better services: I had a very polite and eloquent patient today. Some participants asserted that patient recognition affects the quality of provided services.

Otherwise, I just do my job. Patient cooperation Patient involvement and cooperation is needed and affects the quality of healthcare service. Clinical outcomes depend on the ability of patients to provide information and cooperate with clinicians.

So, if [he had] any history of heart problems or internal bleeding [he should] let me know. Later, when his wife brought his medical records, I found out that he had a heart attack last year.

I stopped the medicine immediately. Some participants complained about the lack of patient cooperation in the treatment process: Later, I saw her drinking water. The patient does not take a long-term effect medicine completely.

Doctors considered patient trust a key factor in achieving the desired outcomes. Type of patient illness severity of illness The type of patient illness influences personnel job stress, which in turn affects overall quality of healthcare services: Since yesterday 5 patients died.

Provider socio-demographic variables The character and personality of healthcare provider affect the quality of healthcare services. Some physicians built a good relationship with patients. In a public hospital that the demand for medical services is very high, physicians are not motivated to improve their communication skills: Some participants raised these kinds of issues by asserting that: Healthcare professionals should improve their competencies i.

My knowledge benefits patients.

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As part of its aim, this study is going to identify systematically the factors that can often affect productivity and perceived service quality directly or indirectly. The factor weights in Table 3 represent the emphasis that experts place on the factors, i.e., the impact that factors have on the adoption of mobile services, where the higher the weight, the greater the impact.

Thus, the higher weights of factors represent the promotional priorities for mobile service operators. In the end, the two biggest factors that affect the service life of a furnace are preventative maintenance and duct cleaning.

Factors affect service

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